5 ways online faxing improves your customer experience

5 ways online faxing improves your customer experience

For many companies, faxing is an integral part of daily operations. If this is the case for your business, its likely that it also plays a role in how customers experience your business. As the backbone of any company, customers are very important in terms of their opinions about your business. If they have a nice experience then there is a good chance that they will return to buy from you again in the future. In addition, they refer many friends and colleagues to your company. Thats why its so important for you to offer customers a great experience. Lets look at some ways on which online faxing can help you achieve it.

Better one on one communication

A customer likes to know that they are important to you. If they continue to shift from one department to another and have to explain their problem each time, it can be very frustrating for the customer. If you have a system where they talk to someone and then handle all follow up correspondence by the same person, it will make the customer feel as if they are important to you. Online faxing assigns a unique fax number to each user. This number is linked to its personal e mail address and comes through as an attached e mail address. This means that when the customer sends a fax, it goes straight to the person who maintains his request. This means that their issue is handled much more efficiently and thus improves customer experience.

More effective response time

Online faxing improves the speed and efficiency with which you can send faxes. With traditional faxing, you must finish what you did, print the document, scan it on the fax, and then send it off. Probably the process would take five to 10 minutes. With online fax, you can send out documents without having to leave your desk. In fact, when you are still on the phone with the customer, you can prepare the documents to send out and get them on their way to the customer before they drop the phone. The ability to respond to customer requests so quickly will surely impress your customers and make their experience of doing business with you much more pleasing.

Greater document security

Often, documents are faxed by sensitive nature. Think of legal documents sent to law firm or health insurance information. This kind of private and confidential information is not something that customers want only someone to read and read. Online faxing is safer by sending the fax directly to a persons computer. They do not even need to print it to review the content. This means there are no documents in the vicinity that need to be protected. The documents can be safely submitted to the computer and only the person for whom they were intended can open and read them. When customers know that their personal information is handled with a much greater confidentiality, this gives them greater confidence in doing business with you.

Greater availability

Often, business owners and sales representatives must spend some time outside the office. While out, they may need to send or receive fax information. If they only used traditional faxing, it would mean they could only access the fax when they returned to the office. However, with online faxes, the person can send or receive fax information wherever they are, as long as they have a computer with internet connection. This means that you can offer your customers an improved customer service and respond to their wishes with greater efficiency. These little things go a long way to improving customer experience.

Good system shows good business practices

When a company uses technology to its advantage, it turns out they are a progressive and forward looking company. This inspires confidence in the customers minds, because it says they are dealing with a company set up for success. Good system shows a level of organization and efficiency, and that you have a strong interest in managing customer needs. By using an online faxing system that offers both your business and your customers, many benefits will go a long way to improving your customers experiences with your company.

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