Electronic fax 7 special features that fax machines can not match

Electronic fax   7 special features that fax machines can not match

The technique for sending photos and documents remotely known as faxing has been around for a long time. Even today faxing is still an important form of communication between people, institutions and companies. Much of the faxes are still made in a way that basically resembles the original method using special fax machines to send and receive information. However, electronic faxes provided by the Internet and modern computer technology are cheaper, more flexible, more powerful and safer than the old fashioned methods. Online fax systems can even store your signature and let you paste it on a document with the fax program. You no longer need to handle the annoying fax sound.

You can also transfer your current fax number to an online phone service for a small fee. If your phone company does not allow you to move your fax number, you can forward the number to the new fax number. People can continue to send a fax to your old number, which is automatically redirected to your new fax service.

In addition, electronic fax offers special features that default faxes can not match.

Special electronic fax features

Green faxing

You can save the planet by electronic fax. You only need to print what you need on paper and just the pages you really need. You can review and send faxes on your computer without printing anything. You do not need to drive extra machines because the fax company takes care of it for all its customers.

Simple and large scale storage

All your faxes can be saved as email or files. No need to have a large storage space with uncontrolled paper straps. Some fax services provide their own online storage of your faxes for a number of years as part of their service. This also helps preserve the trees because you do not need to keep a paper track. You can print an old fax whenever you want.

Time saver

Do not forget to wait for a line for the fax machine. You do not have to wait for a fax to finish printing or send. You receive an email with a completed fax directly to the desktop and you can send a fax as easily as possible with a few keystrokes and mouse clicks. Workers are freed from the time consuming task of manually sending and sorting fax documents.

Ultimate Convenience

You can travel somewhere without worries about being near a fax machine. As long as you have as little as a smart phone that is web enabled, you can send and receive faxes. If you have a digital camera, you can take a picture of documents and even send handheld images that have been loaded into your phone or computer from your camera or portable scanner. There is also ScanR software that reads a printed document and makes it a document that can be changed in a word processor.

Easy to implement security

With multiple backups of your faxes or files, and especially if you save a backup on another site or use an online backup service such as Carbonite, Mozy or Idrive, you can have a high degree of confidence in the life of your fax history.

Many fax companies offer the ability to encrypt faxes so that they would be meaningless to those who received them even if they were intercepted.

Superior management and organization

By placing fax files in folders that you create, it is easy to organize the information. If you create folders for the faxes that need an answer, its easy and quick to find those who need more work.

FAX API Application Programming Interface

Many fax services can provide you with software that allows you to integrate your fax into your work programs. If you have routines that require you to send a fax somewhere, you can run the programs to perform the procedures and automatically send email information that you have specified. It can collect data already taken, prepare a document and fax it automatically.


Electronic faxes turn the fax machine into its own game. It also provides special features that take faxes to a whole new level. You miss you if you are not using the new fax level.

Internet fax is cheaper, more reliable, less complicated, flexible, secure and has more features than standard faxes. For any fax needs you may have, computer fax online is the only true fax.

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